Ordering FAQ – seibes

How long does it takes my order to ship?

Our average order fulfillment time is 1 business day, with a 3-7 day shipping time. We ship Monday through Friday. Holiday shipping can increase the time it takes to fulfill your order, for more information you can read our detailed shipping information here.


How do I track my order?

After receiving the shipping number, we may ship from the UK, Czech or Spain. So you can query here:



Or you can also check here by order number and email, provided that we send you a shipment number, after confirming the shipment:



What is your return policy?


30 day returns available on every product! Read details here.

What warranty is included?

A 90 days limited warranty is included with every Seibes product. Click here to read the details of that warranty.


How can I test my scooter in the 30 day return period during the quarantine/shelter in place?


We completely appreciate that there is a lot of confusion and concern during this period where we need to stay home and stay safe. In order to get to try out your scooter, it might be a good idea to use your scooter when/if you go grocery shopping or run other critical errands. If you do decide to return the scooter, make sure you contact us within 30 days from the date of delivery. Thank you and stay safe!


Do I need an App to start the scooter?

In most cases, Seibes doesn't require any applications to get the scooter going. You simply press the button under the display and enjoy! 


Can I park my scooter in the rain?

To answer your question, while the scooter is indeed water-resistant, we do not recommend parking it outside in the rain! 


Can I take my Seibes Products on an airplane?

We recommend contacting your airline directly to inquire about flying with your Cubix scooter/hoverboard. With airline approval, devices can contain larger lithium ion batteries (101-160 watt hours per battery). Most of our scooters/hoverboards hold a bigger lithium ion battery than 160W, which you will not be able to fly with. You can find battery information on the underside of the scooter deck or hoverboard.