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Wholesale means that a business buys goods in large quantities directly from manufacturers or distributors, warehouses them, and then resells them to other businesses. Due to high-volume purchase orders, wholesalers are typically able to buy products from manufacturers at a lower price and add their margins.


Wholesale Program

  1. What Is Wholesale Program
  2. How To Become A Certified Wholesale Customer With Isincer.com
  3. Save Bucks With Wholesale
  4. Special service for Wholesaler
  5. Repair, Replacement and Cancellation Policy for wholesaler
  6. Notice Regarding Wholesale
  7. More information, please contact



Quarkscm.com is a wholesale and dropshipping website under Isincer.com. It offers large range of Skus of all categories at a very good price. If you have a large demand for purchasing goods, please register Quarkscm and pick your target products on it.


How To Become A Certified Wholesale Customer With Isincer.com


First of all, make sure you are honest,honest and honest, then here are 2 ways:


  1. Sign up and click here, Then the related person will fulfill your application
  2. Get in touch with us:netshop01.com, please tell us what you need as well as destination country. It will be grateful if you can enclose your name card or introduce yourself by email.   

Save Bucks With Wholesale

  1. No joining fee.
  2. Various product range.
  3. Good wholesale price 
  4. Free shipping for large quantity or FOB term.
  5. Declaring appropriate value for custom clearance, avoid tariff to the greatest extent. 
  6. Multiple choices of payment methods, save your handling fee.
  7. Neutral packing allowing you to resell without any other packaging costs.
  8. Multiple discounts based on products and discount rate, saving your bucks.

Special service for Wholesaler


  1. Recommending the most suitable product for your market by professional product manager.
  2. Printing your logo on product or package by silk printing, carving, hollowing or other means. Customize your exclusive products.
  3. Sourcing the special product you like if we don’t have one.
  4. Searching best price in the shortest lead time for you from numerous suppliers
  5. Got a forwarder of you own? We’ll contact them for shipping.
  6. Collecting every kind of quality certification for your market.

Warranty and Return for wholesaler

All of our products have warranty for refund, replacement and repair. However, please be aware that different products have different warranty. If the products arrive to be faulty, please provide clear pictures or videos describing the defectiveness as clearly as possible . If you need technical support for devices, we will provide help as much as we can to you.

If you want to ship back to us for repair, and the product’s warranty period has not passed yet. We’ll provide you with detailed address for return, but please note that the shipping fee is assumed by you. 

If the products are defective, you can post any faulty item back to us in China and we can ship the replacement to you or do the partial/full refund as you wish. 

Cancellation Policy

  1. Order is canceled before shipping out, we will be eligible for a full refund. 
  2. For OEM products, once email and payment are confirmed, the order can not be canceled.
  3. Once your order has been shipped, it can no longer be canceled.

Notice Regarding Wholesale

When we wholesale

  1. The name or logo of our company will not be attached on the package, or on anywhere else
  2. Proforma invoice can be attached on parcel when shipping or sent by email if needed.
  3. Proforma invoice and commercial invoice can be provided, but not VAT invoice or other kinds of invoices.


Low value will be declared for orders in order to avoid tax. There is less chance to cause extra tax to buyer side for small or low cost items. However, tariff policy of each country is different. If tax did cause, the tax is assumed by buyer. For specific rates, please consult your local custom office.

More information, please contact

Email: sales@seibes.com